About us

The Forgotten Realms Project, is an ambitious Creative Project, attended to build a conclusive and authentic Fantasy World based on the stories written by our members.

That sentence describes us best. The only thing we are doing on our Server is actually building. That’s what we do and we do it for more than 1 1/2 year so far.(October 28th 2011) What we build is ONE World, consisting of TWO huge continents:

Eldarvaria and Ferrodwynn. Both are build in different fantasy/medieval/renaissance/baroque styles, employing structures and landscapes at the highest level in architecture and passion. Ferrodwynn is going to become the biggest city ever build in Minecraft, already +500 houses huge and planned to have +2000 in the end.
Eldarvaria is the home of 3 different races, living in an unique terrain reaching from High Mountains to frozen shores and haunted woods.We love our world and as we love it we try our best to design it as authentic as possible. We do literally live in our world as thoughts about it are our daily companions.(in mind) The process of creating the world is happening besides the instant server-activites so certain members are writing lores, exchanging concept art and sketches.

Every place does have it’s own lore and background story and is connected with every other place in the world.
Together every structure, every block on our world is part of one big network, telling one epic story.
This has never been done before at least not in that kind of scale.
So we are existing since October 2011 and are improving our style constantly.


But we know that a server just showing a massive map can’t catch the attention of the majority of people out there. Not permanently. So we decided to make our world a little more interactive. It is not and will never be a server for RP-Games or Surivival games but a place where people have fun exploring such an epic world using an unique travel-system which is rewarding the player for finding secret places and cities. At the time we are implementing a casual PVE-System. That means that players can literally fight against Mobs to get they way to other special places. Those mobs can usually not be slain without any armor or weapons so the players HAVE to explore the world to find these ‘rewards’.
This is a whole circle which gives the player an opportunity to identify with a literate fantasy world by experiencing a very adventure attendet by death and survival.

About Recruiting and our Team-Management


Most Creative Servers are frequently recruiting builders.We are actually not recruiting any builders though players have the opportunity to apply. Sounds confusing, doesnt it? I will explain:

The ForgottenRealms Team is one huge Team though with a number of players which can never be exactly said.
It consists of one Admin-Core, 6 adult men having their origin in german-speaking countries.
It is important that a big project is managed and organized by more than 1 or 2 people as differing opinions are the key to a working community. This group is permanently consulting in Teamspeak, via social networks etc, planning the world, next builds and everything that accompaniens such a project.
This sounds like a leadership by 6 people which is not right though.
This group is just doing these things because it is nessecary. Their members are Admins on the server though there is not a sort hierachie existing. Every active member or Architect has the same right to speak and act though respect and authority are obviously affected by experience and skill.

Apart from that Admin-Core we do have a rank called Architect,which I already mentioned. Architects are the very lead-builders on our server, the admins are also of the rank Architect. Together there are about 10 Architects building the big projects on the server partly for more than 3 years.

Now to come back to the part ‘applying’. People can apply to our team to become a builder and probably an Architect.
When a player posts an applications every member of the team who’s active in the forums will read and evalue the application. Even if other server might say that they are paricular in they choice…we are more. We do not take everyone, actually we rarely take someone. We require an age of at least 16 years though we have an extensive look at maturity and the ability to adapt and integrate. Our Team is a family and if someone does not fit into that family..there you go. A player who got finally accepted get’s the opportunity to show if he can really adapt to the style.
(Actually we require that a player had a really close look to the world, explored the most and learned to love every detail.)
This process is called ‘Trial’ and does not have a time-limit.

After a player succeeded the Trial, he will ranked up to ‘Apprentice’.An Apprentice is able to build in the main world and further has the ability to apply for the ‘Architect Rank.’

Apprentices have to learn the whole mentality of the server, the way of building and creating. He needs to learn how to put passion and fantasy into every building, creating the astonishing amount of detail which we ar famous for.
This status ‘apprentice’ might take some time from 3 months to 1+ year.
This time is a time of integrating and adapting and get’s ended by an application-build for Architect-Rank.(A huge structure, which got planned before and has to be assembled in a way the team expects it.) This is initiated by the Admin-core. If a player succeeded that application he will finally be an Architect. This means and requires indepence, creativity and self-esteem. We want our players to be able to be alone, to work alone and to surprise the other members.

This way of non-recruiting is the reason why our team is actually such a small one. We do not need more than 20 slots as there are just 10-12 members online in a time plus visitors and frequent guests.

So, where do these guests come from?
A while after FR got founded we became member of the most noted Minecraft-Communtie world-wide.
Planetminecraft. You do probably know it as it is a great show-and exchange-place concerning all sides of Minecraft and more. Within these months of beeing a member there we could constantly amaze people with our content and finally reach 666 kind Subscribers (14.06.2013).
In this community we live and that’s where our friends, competitors and guest come from.
Thanks for such a great community and dozens of friendly,openminded and honest people. :-)